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News: TCE Newest rally car!
Racing NewsCongrats to Bill for the newest addition to our lineup. Bill is in the process of completing and getting his Golf GTI in race ready condition. Currently Bill will be the driver and Dexter will be Co-Driving. They are slated to christen this car in it's first event in May - The Empire Hillclimb in Empire, MI. The team will make their stage rally debut in June at Magnum Opus in Newberry, MI. Both of these events are sanctioned by NASA Rally Sport. They also plan to participate in Rally America's Lake Superior Performance Rally in October. Let's give our support and try to help them in any way we can.
Posted by doomy on Saturday, January 10 @ 09:56:40 CST (726 reads)
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News: Zero-Posters Get Deleted
TCEvolutionAttention to all Zero-posters: It may not be expressly stated in our user agreement or when you sign up; but if you don't post anything in the forum within a month, your account will be deleted. If you're not here to contribute to the website or the forum, you're not really welcome here. So don't be surprised when you try to log in and you are denied access. In the future, the criteria for what constitutes "contributing to the forum" might get a little more strict. Just be aware.
Posted by dexter on Monday, March 07 @ 21:32:58 CST (1672 reads)
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Monster World Rally Team looking to add another driver.
Racing NewsMonster World Rally Team has mentioned in recent blog posts via their "offical website" that they are going to be naming an additional driver to their rally team for next season. It has not been stated whether it will just be for World Rally Championship events, Rally America events, or both. The rally faithful and observant gymkanha video fans may have guessed that Chris Atkinson might be the guy they're referring to.
Posted by dexter on Tuesday, November 09 @ 00:30:48 CST (2496 reads)
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In loving memory of Nate Greer
TCEvolutionCrazy Nate, Turbo Nate, Nate Greer... However you knew him, you loved him.

It's hard to find words right now... Nate was just an incredible human being. I was glad to call him friend, mentor, hero. There are very few people that I actually look up to and admire in this world. Nate Greer was one of them. I'm glad to say he was a dear friend of mine.

Click "Read More" for links to Nate's Myspace page, the local news story, his obituary, and funeral information.
Posted by dexter on Tuesday, June 15 @ 14:02:29 CDT (6122 reads)
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Millen looks to bring Pike's Peak record back to US
Racing NewsRhys Millen wats to break the Pikes Peak hill-climb record, and he's partnering with Hyundai to build the unique weapon you see here. The current record holder, Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima, set his time of 10:01.408 in a purpose-built Suzuki Sport "XL7" that had about as much to do with a real Suzuki as Millen's does with any Genesis.
Posted by dexter on Friday, April 23 @ 02:13:52 CDT (2371 reads)
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